Face Reading Workshop for Christian Dior (2010)

Face Reading Workshop for Singapore Gifts & Stationary Show (2010)

Chinese New Year Talk for illunima Singapore (2010)

Chinese New Year Talk for Norton Symantec (2009)

Flying Stars FengShui Talk for Singapore Pools (2009)

It was 4th February 2009, the start of the ‘Li Chun’ for this year. Jenny was invited to give a talk for the Chinese New Year lunch celebration attended by more than 200 staff from Singapore Pools.

Jenny gave everyone an insight into this year’s Flying Stars Fengshui changes, the positive and negative directions and the precautions to take. Everyone listened attentively. Jenny was told that everyone was given a free lottery ticket for the upcoming Toto 10 million draw. As an additional tip, she shared with everyone how one can identify whether he or she has windfall lucky using Face Reading techniques. Everyone was excited and started looking at each other for the signs of possible windfall. At the end of the session, many stayed behind to ask questions. One of the organizers of the event commented that the session was very ‘down-to-earth’.

Sharing Session at Nanyang Technological University (2007/2008)

It was the second time this year following the previous year that Jenny was invited to share her knowledge in Chinese Metaphysics with a group of students from Nanyang Business School who specializes in Human Resource Consultancy.

This time round, more than 30 students attended the session, a larger number compared to last year. The students were given an introduction to the various techniques used in Chinese Metaphysics including Four Pillars of Destiny, Purple Star Astrology and most interestingly, Face Reading. Jenny shared briefly on how to read the character of a person using Four Pillars of Destiny techniques and how to match the right occupation with a person’s character and the students were intrigued that such a simple technique can tell so much about a person.

For 2nd half of the session, Jenny taught the students basic Face Reading techniques. She shared on the key positions of reading a face and mostly importantly, what to look out for when it comes to recruitment and selection decisions, as these students will become future Human Resource professionals once they graduate from NTU. The students were given an introduction to the key features of the face, including the Ears, Forehead, Eyes, Nose and Mouth. She also shared on the implications of moles and some of the key positions and impact of having moles in those areas. During the question and answer session, they students flooded Jenny with questions about Face Reading and she addressed them one by one.

At the end of the session, despite the fact that the session ended late, a group of students stayed back to ask more questions about Face Reading. It was clear that they were really interested and was keen to know more about this ancient technique that proves to be accurate and useful even in modern times. The students have learned something useful that they can bring and add value to their jobs in future.

We would also liked to thank Professor Fang Yongqing for inviting us again this year for the session.

Flying Star Fengshui Seminar at Temasek Club (2008)

It was the first time that Temasek Club organized a talk on Fengshui for its members and Jenny was invited to present at this event. Jenny shared on the Flying Star Fengshui updates for year 2008 and what are the negative sectors to avoid and good sectors to tap into.

As the crowd was so enthusiastic, Jenny also shared a little bit of insight into Face Reading. The audiences were engaged and learn something useful from this seminar. At the end of the session, as what one of the staff member Christopher of Temasek Club who joined in the session commented, “it was a most interesting talk”.