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Kim Soo Hyun’s Rise to Fame – Can we spot his success on his face?

The recent Hallyu wave (Korean Wave) has been triggered again recently by another highly popular drama series “My Love From the Star”. Well as usual I am one of those affected by the ‘wave’ thou not as crazy as young fan girls but curious enough to analyze the face features and Ba Zi of the leading actor and actress especially the leading man Kim Soo Hyun. The show was so successful especially in China and around Asia that anything with his face on it now sells like hotcakes and he has endless endorsements in Korea and overseas ever since the show ended in February 2014.

So what makes him so special? Can we study this from a face reading point of view? I can’t help but kept noticing how clear his eyes are, the black and white portion clearly defined, even clearer than that of the lead actress. Back then when I first noticed his eyes, I was already sure that he will end up being more successful than the leading lady and so he did. He is an international super star now. To be frank, in my years in the profession of reading faces, I have rarely seen such a clear pair of eyes like this. As face reading professionals will tell you this, up to a certain age, there’s no need for you to read the face features of a person anymore, we only look at the eyes. If the eyes of the person are crystal clear with the black and white portion clearly defined and has luster, you can be sure that his or her luck at that point is great. His eyes are also called ‘Phoenix Eyes’ in face reading, tilting upwards at both ends and is an auspicious feature. And his is also a pair of peach blossom eyes hence attracting a lot of likes especially from female fans.

His lips are another positive attributes with the corners of the lips tilting upwards like a crescent shape and his teeth neat and straight. This is another reflection of good luck. He is hence good with his speech and is able to attract the attention of others with his speech and expression. This is again shown in his acting skills and he also display his gift of singing and that is no wonder why he sang some of the sound tracks in the drama which again sell like hotcakes. I must comment that he really has a pretty good voice for someone who originates from an acting background.

So why is he able to garner so much support? His eyebrows are thick and dense and this reflects his friendship palace, meaning he is able to garner support from others. Many celebrities considered their fans as their friends isn’t it? Thick eyebrows for men also reflect somewhat of a person with gentle characteristics hence many fans are attracted to his friendly and gentlemanly character. A pair of good eyes like his has to match with good looking eyebrows to fully realize the potential and both of these features he has it.

His nose is big and prominent and this reflects his wealth palace. The nose also represents oneself so looking at the proportion of his nose with his face, he is able to stand out and shine. With a good looking nose like that, I am sure he hold several properties and I have seen reports of media discussing about where he stays and that it is in a high profile area where a lot of top celebrities in South Korea also resides in.

Most importantly why is he able to attract so much support from overseas fans, making him an international star now? Look at his high and prominent forehead. The temples reflect his travelling palace, which shows that he is able to travel far and wide to make money. A high forehead also represents support from his parents and his superiors. His father was from the entertainment industry too and his mum was the one who encouraged him to venture into acting to change his reserved personality during his high school. He is under the management company founded by top hallyu star Bae Yong Joon whom groomed him to become what he is today. And who says that you cannot cover your forehead with hair? There’s a myth that this will affect one’s luck. His signature Do Min Joon hairstyle covers the whole of his forehead yet he can still shine from this drama and become a superstar! Hence when one is in luck, it doesn’t matter if your hair covers your forehead or not.

The only negative feature with Kim Soo Hyun’s face are his ears, small in proportion to his face, thin and slightly protruding which reflects the foundation of his health. He does not have a strong health constitution and again it was reported that he has heart related issues since young and is on long term medication. Usually for cases like this, I would recommend my clients to do regular exercises to keep fit. Ours ears represent our health foundation and the stage of our health before 30 years old. Hence if your ears are not good looking, look at your nose. If your nose is good looking with no scars and dents and has a high nose bridge, this reflects your health after 30 years old and these people are likely to keep themselves fit through exercises. Hence I hope that with his hectic schedule he will not forget to keep himself fit through regular exercises. That’s all for now. Hope you have enjoyed reading this article.

The Magic Fruit – Kaffir Lime

In our Chinese traditions, we have longed heard of how the kaffir lime can help to cleanse our body of negative energy and bring us good luck. Since young, my mum had always soaked kaffir lime and flowers with water for our bath especially during exam periods or during occasions after we visit someone from the hospital or attend a wake to enhance our luck and cleanse away the negative energy. I am not sure why the name of the kaffir lime has been mixed up with the pomelo here. In reality, the kaffir lime is a small green fruit with rough skin and the leaf has 2 parts, a bigger portion joined with a smaller leave. Kaffir lime originated in Thailand and has longed been used for cleansing and to help one get rid of bad luck and bestow good luck.

Anyway I didn’t pay much attention to this until years back when one of my Mentors share with me the space cleansing technique of using the kaffir lime leaves which I have written in a previous article. I decided then to put this lime to the test and to my surprised, it works and marvelously, you can actually ‘see’ your whole house sparkle after the entire process. My Mentor said this procedure of cleansing the house with kaffir lime is a must before the Lunar New Year, or when something major has happened in the family, like a serious illness or death or big arguments. Being as adventurous as I always am, I did the cleansing with kaffir lime almost every few weeks. And I discover that every time after I did the cleansing process, something good will happen to me, either in my business or some other good news will come.

I also put the lime to the test by asking my clients to use the same method as I did. A client told me that they strike lottery after they use the kaffir lime leaves to bath and clean their unit number. Another client told me, that during the period that she bath with the lime essence daily, she was very much loved by her boss and was given many opportunities for progress and advancement. Another client nearly had a divorce as her husband was caught cheating and they had a major argument. Hence I fengshuied her house and teach her this special cleansing method. She managed to save her marriage after she renews the chi of the house together with implementation of the cures and recommendations we gave her. She actually feedback that she can feel her entire house ‘sparkle’ after she finished the cleansing process.

There are many more stories of how this magic fruit helps so many others in so many ways. Hence sometimes we just need to tap into the sources of nature for our solution. Try this and see for yourself the marvel of the kaffir lime!

Who is the Real Nobleman?

One of Mentors ever told us this quote in class and it struck me real hard “Nobleman only knocks at your door once, and most of the time the owner is not at home!” This is often very true, at least for me it has happened before! Hence, we should all open our eyes and ears and grab every opportunity that comes along your way.

My clients have always asked me about nobleman luck, aka ‘gui ren’ in Chinese. I know many have the misconception that our nobleman is made up of 3 animals, for e.g. if you are born in the year of the snake, your nobleman is the Rooster and the Ox and the Monkey is your secret friend. Actually that theory spans from the 3 combinations principle in the study of Ba Zi. Whether it really works or not, frankly, I am not sure. Like what I always tell my clients, if you have any nobleman star in your Ba Zi symbolic stars, you should thank God for that gift as we usually take for granted of such presence of helpful people or some never really realize that they always have such helpful people around in times of crisis.

However those for who doesn’t, they can really feel the difference when they enhance their nobleman sectors in their home using Fengshui. I have once taught a client residing in the United States to enhance his nobleman sector, using what I am going to share with you here, and he found a job after being unemployed for the past one year.

There are actually many types of nobleman stars in one’s destiny but I am just going to share with you one of these powerful and effective formulas. To find your nobleman animal/sectors here, you will first need to know the day that you are born, not the year but the day. For that you can use any Ba Zi calculator on the Internet or consult us for advice. Refer to the table below for the nobleman animal:

To enhance, all you need to do is to light a tealight candle at the respective sectors daily either in your home or office. Make an effort to light the candle especially on the day when you have an important contract or discussion to conclude or during the period when the decision-making takes place. This will help to increase your chances of getting the contract or business deal. You may ask why candlelight? Candlelight has the power of not just lighting up the chi or energy of the sector. When the light flickers, it also moves the light it projects onto the walls. This further enhances the sector with movement, versus lighting a lamp or shining spotlights there.

I also wish to correct a misconception here. Many people think that your actual nobleman is the person who is born in the year of that particular nobleman animal sign. This is not always true! A person’s Ba Zi chart is actually made up of 4 animal signs (every single hour, day, month and year symbolizes a particular animal sign). Hence it doesn’t mean that your nobleman will always be a person born in that year of your nobleman animal sign, since there are the rest of the 3 animals that you don’t know.

So why does it seem that we get along better with people of the animal sign which makes up the 3 combinations in Ba Zi? By nature of compatibility comparison, when there is a possible combination, usually it signifies a coming together or a partnership. But whether the combination takes place successfully or not, it depends on many other factors. Hence sometimes we do feel more comfortable with these people because there are some similarities and likes, but they are not necessarily always your nobleman. Hence be open and look at the people around you. You may just find that nobleman has been beside you all along!

Enhancing Your Flower of Romance Star

This is one of the most commonly asked topics in my consult. Everyone is concern about how to enhance their romance star to bring the right person into his or her life. Unknown to the layman, there are many types of configuration of romance stars in our destiny chart. The good ones bring the right person into your life but the bad ones also bring disastrous consequences. We have always heard of news in the papers of how serious it can get when a romance turns bad.

So which are the good ones and which are the bad ones? Unfortunately, there are only a few good romance stars and majority of them are bad. Yes you heard me right, majority of the romance stars are negative. So too much is no good, we only want just enough. So here’s disclosing some of the good stars that you can activate to get you the right guy or girl into your life. But I have to mention here that we cannot guarantee that whomever that comes will fit in with your criteria list! We can only bring in opportunities for you but ultimately it is still your choice. If you choose to create a long list and find that you have to turn away all the potentials that comes along, it is not the formula that does not work, it is your personal choice and there’s nobody you can blame for that.

The following table shows your flower of romance animal sign as derived from your animal zodiac of your year of birth:

As you need to do is to light candles there daily using red or pink colored candles on a red candle holder. If this position coincides with the flower of romance sector of the annual flying stars chart, the effects will be even more powerful when you enhance the position. I have clients whom have seen the results in days or some at least 1-2 months time as they choose the right one from various options.

What about another scenario that you are already dating someone but he or she seems to refuse to commit or have not raised the ‘Will you marry me?’ question? There is another sector that you have to enhance for this purpose. I had a client who came to see me years back and another Practitioner she had seen before she saw me asked her to activate this position but no results after more than half a year has passed. That is because she is not dating anyone yet hence this position will not work for her as she has no one to close deal with!

Again the following sector is derived based on your animal zodiac year of birth:

Again the same principle applies here, all you need to do is to light candles there daily using red or pink colored candles on a red candle holder. If you are a sales person who is seeking to enhance good human relations with your clients, this is also the right sector to activate. Try it and have fun and all the best to everyone in their journey to find the right person!

Does FengShui of Your Estate Matters?

Recently I had the opportunity to analyze a Period 7 (1984-2004) condominium project and its flying stars natal chart. The discovery was that the chart had the timely Water star 8 imprisoned at the centre of the estate. Hence this will cause financial and business disasters for the occupants in Period 8. In Period 7, this chart was perfectly fine with the Water star 7 (governs wealth and prosperity) at the main entrance of the estate and Mountain star 7 (governs health and human harmony) at the back of the estate. This is a configuration known as ‘On Mountain On Water’ type of charts, which is very auspicious during its period.

A random check on some occupants that has been staying there since the estate completed show results that tallies. In Period 7, they were doing very well in their work and business. But come 2004, things start to turn for the worst. These occupants are from those blocks that were situated in the sectors with flying stars natal chart that are not so auspicious (stars 2, 3 and 5). Whereas occupants from those blocks located in the flying stars natal chart Mountain 8 and Water 1 are doing very well and getting better and better.

Hence does it matter that you pick a block located in an auspicious sector within the estate, the answer is yes! Thou the building management did try to take into account the problem of this chart and have build the swimming pool of the estate right in the centre of the estate where water star 8 is but it doesn’t help much. To help remedy this situation, I have recommended some minor changes by opening pathways and installing water features in some of the sectors within the estates. Whether the Management chooses to take it up or not depends on the votes of the occupants. The best advice I have for you reading this article is, do it right the first time, whether it’s planning the estate at the building stage or buying a unit!

The Power of Flying Stars in Predictions

I was inspired to write about this, as during one of my recent house hunting visits with my client, I was amazed at what the stars say about the current occupants residing in the house. Sometimes when we go house hunting, we don’t get to track the actual history of the occupants, either because it is a new development, or some simply won’t disclose. We can’t blame them since they have the right not to and that may affect their chances of selling the house.

Anyway, we all know that Flying Stars is so powerful that it can tell you what kind of events happen to the previous occupants of the house hence allowing the Practitioner to advise if this house is suitable for purchase. Before I went in to inspect, my client told me that the Patriarch of the house has passed away a few years back, leaving behind his widow and 2 children. Due to his work, he used to drink and smoke excessively and eventually succumb to cancer. I have previously seen the effects of 5 Yellow bringing upon cancer to the occupants of another house and even to one of my relatives. That year when 5 Yellow came into her room through the annual cycle, her cancer spread and at a very fast pace. Hence I have always been very cautious of the effects of this star, especially with the 2 and 5 combinations in some of the configuration in the North-South houses in this Period of 8.

When I reach the floor, the main door opens to see the lift coming in from the right side. I already knew that there was a problem with this negative external form. After I plotted out the chart, stars 2 and 5 actually resides at the main door sector and guess what, that happens to be the Northwest sector of the house. Hence it all falls into place of all people in the house, why the Patriarch was the only one affected. Stars 2 and 5 is one of the most negative configurations in the flying stars system. The effects will only trigger if it has been activated by negative external forms. In this case, everything falls into place. Imagine if the occupants were to consult a Fengshui Practitioner before moving in, the outcome would perhaps be different today?

Whether it’s a coincidence or not, the Master bedroom has combination 3 and 4, which is known to bring emotional problems for women. Hence after the passing of the Patriarch, the Matriarch of this house then has the responsibility of bringing up 2 young children herself.

Isn’t it amazing how flying stars can be so powerful to predict the events of the occupants? Thou I eventually told my client not to buy this house; I sincerely hope that this family can move to a better place with better Fengshui. Sometimes, I never fail to be amazed myself by what I discover or see in the course of my work as a Fengshui Practitioner!

The Myths & Truth about Feng Shui

As many Practitioners these days have tried to clarify this matter, I also feel that I should do my part to also explain this for my readers. First of all we must all understand that Feng Shui has nothing to do with any religion. It is an ancient Chinese science that was discovered thousands of years ago. It is a way of tracking and harassing the chi or energy flow, taking into consideration dimensions of time and space. However, some of the early Practitioners are religious Masters and hence they would have incorporated some of their religious practices and rituals into some of their cures and recommendations.

Hence I guess this is why many clients or friends asked me why a graduate with a bright future ahead of me would go into Feng Shui. Modern Practitioners like us interpret our analysis by deploying these tools from a scientific perspective. There is nothing hocus-pocus or superstitious about this ancient science.

In my consult, I have had the privilege and honour to service clients from different religious backgrounds. In my cures and recommendations, I simply incorporate their religious practices and use what they would have used to cure the afflicted sectors. I remember in one case where I use the Bible to cure the negative Stars 2 and 5 in the afflicted rooms and it works! My client was happy, as the cure did not conflict with her religious practices, yet it has served the purpose. Things did improve after she places the ‘cure’. Sometimes even I was amazed with the results and feedback. Hence when I work with clients from different religions, I always make it a point to discuss with them what is allowed and what is not and I try my best to work with things that are acceptable to them so there is no conflict with their personal beliefs and religious practices. It is important to respect others for their beliefs in any work that you do, including Fengshui.

I always like to deploy the 5 elements in their most authentic forms, fire energy activated by placement of lights or table lamp, water energy being placement of water features, wood energy with actual plants and so on. Hence some of my clients who are die-hard fans of symbolic products would ask me why I did not recommend them to buy any products? My reply to them was simple, when a client engaged us to ‘fengshuied’ their home, they are trying to change their current situation, perhaps to improve their relationship issues or lessen the leakage of wealth. Hence cures and recommendations should be kept simple and not costly. Otherwise it defeats the purpose of engaging a consultant in the first place isn’t it?

Finding Love the Chinese Way

(Extracts of Article first appeared on New Sunday Times, Malaysia, 14 February 2010)

This year, 14 February, Valentine’s Day actually falls on the same day as the 1st day of the Lunar New Year. Hence it’s a double celebration for those who are attached. What about those of you who are not? How do we find the right person using the Chinese method of Face Reading?

For the Ladies

There is a saying in face reading that ‘when one has a fleshy nose tip, their heart is not malicious’. The nose tells of a person’s character and most importantly, their wealth generating ability. A person with a big and long nose tells of a character that has strong integrity and such individuals are also more independent. If the mountain root is also high, such individuals usually have a high level of self-respect and confidence. A crooked nose person indicates a crafty person who is capable of deceiving others. Hence look for a guy with a well-developed nose and the nostrils must not be too exposed. He will likely be someone whom you can relied upon and is wealthy too.

You should also look out for his eyes and eyebrows. The eyes should have luster, looks firm, with the eyeball and eye white clearly defined and sharp. A person whose eyes have luster is determined and knows what they want in life. When the eye white is pinkish and watery, this indicates a person who has plenty of peach blossom luck, will easily attract attention from other women and will likely be plagued with emotional issues. The distance between the eyes should not be too narrow; otherwise you are looking at someone who is more narrow-minded and not easily contented with life. A person with neat eyebrows indicates that he is focused in his thoughts, knows what he wants and can achieve more in life. If the eyebrow is messy, such individuals lack direction in life as they tend to get confused easily and you may find him an unstable person to settle down with.

For the Guys

Look for a lady whose forehead is not too high and protruding. If the forehead is high, this indicates that she may be a little bit too domineering, likes to take control most of the time and is opinionated. Hence this may not be healthy for your relationship in the long run. When the forehead protrudes, this indicates a lady with good memory hence if your girlfriend has features like that, make sure that you remember all her birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. Otherwise you are looking for trouble, as she will likely remember when you have forgotten about it and bring this out as an issue in your next ‘discussion’.

The cheekbones should also not be too protruding and bony as this indicates the ‘attack’ type of cheekbones and things may get confrontational during your arguments. If her philtrum is long, she is the suspicious type and when you praise her, she will not take it literally and will likely think that you have done something wrong behind her back. On the other hand, if her philtrum is short, she likes praises and she will believe you when you make sweet comments about her. Look at the proportion of the philtrum against her overall face to determine if it is long or short.

Enhancing Your Love Luck with Face Reading

For ladies, it is usually much easier to enhance your face since you can apply make-up to the different parts of your face to bring out your best potential. The eyes are a very important feature in face reading as they are the ‘windows’ to your heart. Individuals with long eyelashes will usually attract more peach blossom luck. Hence ladies, do remember not to leave home without your mascara and enhance the length of your lashes. People with big eyes are more emotional; hence when you enhance the overall shape of your eyes with eye make-up, you are more ‘expressive’ and will easily attract more peach blossom luck.

In addition, you can apply some shimmering powder at the ‘T’ angle between your eyebrows and eyes and on your nose. For ladies, the nose also represents the type of husband you will likely attract hence when you enhance that portion of your face; you are also indirectly enhancing your opportunity of finding a better ‘quality’ husband.

For guys, if you have hair growing out of your nostrils, please make sure that you trim them regularly as this indicates your lack of ability to save money and you are likely not to have enough money to take care of your own self, let alone your girlfriend. Do also trim your eyebrows regularly if they are messy.

Enhancing Your Love Luck with Fengshui in 2010

This year, the peach blossom star number 4 flies into the North sector of every home. If you are single and looking for your soul mate, you can enhance this sector to improve your chances of meeting that special someone. Hence to ensure that you tap into the energy of this sector, spend more time here. You can also place 4 stalks of water-typed bamboos to enhance the sector.

If you are already dating someone and wants to ‘close the deal’ this year, look into the Northwest to enhance your chances. Star number 9, the star of happy and joyous events is residing in that sector. Hence spend more time here to tap into the positive energy. You can enhance this sector by placing 9 stems of red roses or any flowers you like to improve your chances.

Love at First Sight from your Ba Zi Chart

In a person’s Ba Zi chart, the element of the day that you are born or the ‘Self’ pillar determines majority of your character. Little do most know that there are certain interactions between different day borns that can be used to determine if you will have ‘sparks’ with another person and whether it’s a ‘love at first sight’ scenario. There are certain configurations that determine that you will be attracted to a certain type of individuals classified according to the Day element of your Ba Zi chart, just like there are special ‘chemical reactions’ being formed when you meet the person for the first time. Hence imagine if dating agencies can use this information for their match-making activities, they are likely to have a higher ‘hit’ rate and can close more cases without having to send you for so many blind dates.

Ba Zi – A Tool for Management Decisions?

Ba Zi or Four Pillars of Destiny has always been thought of as a fortune telling tool and sometimes mystical. It was build based on ancient Chinese science that traced back to Imperial times when it was also used as a tool for selecting candidates for Imperial positions.

In reality, this knowledge can be transferred to modern times as a supplementary tool for Human Resources Practices. It is a tool that Directors, Managers, Human Resource Professionals, Trainers, Educators or even Team Leaders will find it useful to know. The basis of this system is about understanding people, their character, priority in life, strengths and weaknesses and people-to-people interaction and communication and all these can be traced using a simple chart that is plotted just by using the date of birth of a person. The time is not even required unless you want to go on to a more Advanced Practitioner level of analysis. Hence the usage of this tool is subtle and secret since it is a requirement for all to fill in their date of birth in their employment application form.

Just like the Sun Tzu Art of War can be applied to Management strategies, Ba Zi as a system can also be used to understand the nature of human behavior and how they respond to certain communication patterns with individuals or in a team. The usage of this system is much more than you can imagine. To list a few examples, the questions that you are able to answer with this tool are as follows:

Is your employee currently working in the right career or job function?

Does he/she has any hidden talents which you have not discovered and can be further developed?

What is the learning pace/behaviour of your subordinates (are they the slow but steady kind or simply too lazy to think)?

What is their priority in life (is it salary increment, career progression, support from superiors, colleagues or other benefits)?

What is the right approach when it comes to communicating with your subordinates (are they the kind who can take criticisms or you have to use a more subtle approach)?

Are you ‘compatible’ with your superiors, subordinates or team members that you are currently working with? What can you do to enhance the productivity or communication process in your current team (whether it is at a department level or for ad-hoc projects)?

Sometimes the solution can be very simple; perhaps a new addition into the team with a certain characteristic based on their chart will synergise the team and solve your problems. Or you can just the change of tone of your voice or rephrase what you want to say when you communicate with the other party. Who knows but your subordinates will appreciate you more for just that extra one-day of childcare leave and in return works harder than he/she usually does? All these questions can be answered with just a simple Ba Zi chart.

Main Door Facing Balcony – A Sign of Wealth Leaking?

I have constantly been posted with this question from clients or from the Aunt Agony section about this problem of the main door facing the balcony or windows. The fact is, in the current design for apartments, 80 to 90% of the units have this problem, perhaps due to the space limitation hence the reason for this design layout. The main door facing the balcony or windows does not just signify wealth leaking for the occupants, it also indicates missing opportunities. Many a times, you may find that some good opportunities may come in your way but somehow or rather, something will happen in between and you end up losing that chance.

Let me address this once and for all here. The solution seems simple, you need to install a divider in between and the divider needs to be at least the same height and width as the main door in order for the divider to be effective. Do note that holes within the divider still means a leakage hence do be cautious when you choose the design of your divider. However, at a more technical level, you will also need to consider the flying stars natal chart and the stars that are located at your main door area. Installing a divider means that you are diverting the ‘chi’ and hence if the energy is auspicious at that part of your apartment, you should not install the divider at that sector. Otherwise when you divert the energy, the auspicious stars will be blocked and you have to also consider the direction of the diversion and the energy that comes in from that new direction. If negative stars happen to be residing in that direction, instead of solving your current problem of wealth leakage, you are actually creating another bigger problem.

If space permits, you should place the divider further inwards so that it does not divert the auspicious chi flow. However if there are space limitations, you have to consider other alternatives like plants or window curtains. If in doubt, do consult a Professional. Simple DIY solutions may be easy but there could be hidden implications, which needs to be addressed.

Mahabote – Ancient Burmese Astrology

Mahabote is an astrological system with its origins tracing back to the monasteries in ancient Myanmar. It is a system on its own, being able to read one’s destiny chart, major and minor lucky cycle, selection of auspicious date and time and with eventual application to the fengshui of the house.

I was fascinated at how powerful the system is and with its close match to what I have been practicing all this while. Coincidentally, if I trace back to my own past records, the Mahabote system is able to explain when things happen to me and why I prefer certain stones, gems or colours at some point in my life. Interestingly, the results also tallies with the flying stars fengshui chart of a few of the houses, which I had the opportunity to keep close track of.

The chart is very simple, using a 3 by 3 matrix, which differentiates into different houses with different significance (Leader, Fame, Wealth, Kingly Position, Sickness, Extremity and Impermanence). The analysis requires only one’s date of birth (the time is not required) and the day that you are born e.g. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc and it is able to tell you about your characteristics and basically your whole life cycle and at which point you will go through wealth, sickness etc. The cures come in the form of numbers, colours, gemstones and its own elements (Air, Water, Earth and Fire). Hence there is little need for any symbolic products here, just placing a fan, water or light in the right position will help to activate that sector’s fengshui.

As a Practitioner, I sometimes feel handicapped when some of my clients are not able to provide their time of birth information. However, with the Mahabote system, I am able to plot a reading as per what the other systems has to offer. I would like to thank my Mentors for this opportunity and especially to Master San Zarni Bo for his generous sharing with us on this simple and yet powerful tool.

Ba Zi Analysis for Pets?

The 2 days International Feng Shui Convention held at Singapore Management University this year was an inspiring session for me. It is always a great experience to learn from the best from around the world and I really thank and appreciate my Mentors for this opportunity.

Yesterday at the convention, Master Mas from Thailand mentioned that someone could perhaps write something about analysis for dogs. I know he perhaps said this jokingly but actually years back, when I first acquired Ba Zi knowledge and will take any chance to plot whatever charts I can get my hands on, I did an analysis for my dogs.

I am an animal lover and have been surrounded by animals throughout my whole life. They are a part of my life and will always play an important role. Dogs especially are my favorites. I kept two of them at home as I always think that they need companions of the same kind as much as we do. Hence when one of my ‘kids’ went missing while I went holidaying in Hong Kong, I was devastated! The opportunity came when a lady wanted to give up her pets for adoption as she was getting a divorce and they had to shift out of their current place. I had to pick one from 2 options so I brought my Tony to her place to pick his new best friend.

Tony is a mixed breed with origin from Shih Tzu and Maltese lineages. I inherited him since he was young from my family’s own ‘breeding’ process. He was born a Yang Earth day with lots of Yin Metal in his chart. Hence you can imagine that he is a stubborn boy who has extremely good memory. Yang Earth individuals are good at absorbing knowledge and he can just sit and observe and learn things by just listening and watching. The pet that went missing was his twin sister and similarly, she is another very smart girl. While I teach her tricks, Tony would just observe and do the same thing afterwards when I gave the same command without me having to teach him again. I am not exaggerating, that is how smart he can be. He also enjoys watching TV with me at times….which I always wonder if he is really a dog as he can stare at the screen for such a long time. As I mentioned, he has lots of Yin Metal in his chart (Yin Metal individuals go for beautiful things), and I wonder if that is the reason why he only likes watching handsome guys on TV, whether it is K-dramas or Taiwanese idol dramas, the same thing happens. When the handsome male lead appears, he can’t take his eyes off the screen!

He is also very sensitive, that means he remembers it when you discipline him, so he will get extra cautious of you the next time you command him to come to your side. I remember once when I was really angry and hence punished them really hard and from then on, he never walked to me immediately when I call out for him to come, not even when I have food on my hands. He will watch me from aside first and think for a while before he decides his next move. That is how careful he gets. But he is still a really nice kid and when you need comfort, he will be there.

His new friend Rainie, a pure West Highland Terrier, is born on a Yin Wood day with a lot of Yang Fire in his chart. And the funny thing was, out of the 3 pillars that I have information on, all 3 of the earthly branches are flower of romance stars. Hence you can imagine how popular he was, among girls of his same kind, or any lady that came across him while I bring him for a walk would stop by and stare and comment ‘So cuteeee!’. Having so much fire also means that he is a very passionate kid and seriously he is, one of the best kids, which I ever had. When I say passionate, that means he display his love for you openly, puts his head on your hands or thighs and stares at you with so much passionate. Even my friends from Kuala Lumpur who had pets of their own were shocked at how passionate he was and was stunned by him when they stayed with me for a couple of days.

When Tony first met Rainie, it was hate at first sight, Wood repels Earth but being the passionate kid, Rainie was very welcoming to his new friend while Tony would run when he sees him. But Yang Earth and Yin Wood belongs to the opposite poles hence it is a passionate clash! So you can imagine now, they are best friends and can never leave each other’s sight. Tony is closer to Rainie than his own sister previously and everyone was surprised as dog experts will tell you that these 2 breeds cannot get along and what’s worst is that both are males. Surprisingly, this is not the case for both of them.

Rainie’s passion extends beyond that for people and he is most passionate about food. Hence he will get rid of anything that stands in his way of getting food! Having a lot of hidden fire also means that he will display his ferocious temper if anyone fights with him over food. But they seldom quarrel, except if the reason is because of food. Our generous Tony (Yang Earth people are generally very generous individuals) will usually let his friend have a go first and hence reduce the chances of conflict. The funny thing about Rainie is that Yi Wood individuals can be really cunning at times and recognize benefits for themselves and he is very good at displaying that characteristic. He fights for attention from people most of the time and will distract his friend using his own cunning ways while he gets what he wants first. Of course the straight forward Tony will fall for his tricks and end up being cheated but being the generous dog he is, he would always forgive his friend afterwards. Thou Rainie is much older in terms of age, Tong takes care of him like he is his younger sibling.

So if you ask me does Ba Zi applications apply to your pets as well, the answer is YES! For animal lovers out there, this is perhaps good news to you so you have a better understanding of your pet’s characteristics. Similarly, the compatibility principles apply between yours and your pet’s Ba Zi. I get along better with Rainie as I am also a Yang Earth person so sometimes being too alike is not a good thing. Anyway I hope you had fun reading this article as much as I had fun writing it!

‘Be Kind to Animals!’

Death of a Pop Legend

I am usually not interested to write about the lives of celebrities but in this case, Michael Jackson is such a legend in music that it has sparked my interest to know more about him using my Chinese Metaphysical tools. Personally I am not a great fan of his, but music has always been a great part of my life and I grew up listening to some of his songs. His controversial life has always been one that the media scrutinizes, somehow you can’t help but wonder if life would be different if he wasn’t such an icon.

MJ was born on a Wu Earth or Yang Earth day, akin to big rocks and boulders. Wu Earth Day Masters are friendly and sentimental individuals. Words that can be used to describe them are, straight, orderly, stable, trustworthy and magnanimous. However, they tend to think a lot. When trust is affirmed to something, their belief cannot be swayed. He may appear stubborn as a consequence but it is also this same quality that makes his a trustworthy individual. On the negative side, they can be extremely stubborn and willful, self-centered and lacks room for compromise. Such individuals can be conservative and introverted.

Earth individuals are also fiercely protective of their personal things, be it their belongings or personal space. Hence it is evident that you can see it in MJ’s protection of his children. They have to wear masks or veils wherever they appear in public. Some may think that this is a little extreme, but to these individuals, these are necessary actions to safeguard their own interests and maintain their privacy.

His love for his children is a much talked about issue and I suspect he was born in the Wood hour in the early morning as Wood represents his children in the elemental relations. This love is not necessarily good for him as he always gets into trouble with the law about child molestation issues and was under the media’s scrutiny when he dangles his youngest child at the balcony in his hotel room. As Wood clashes with Earth, Wood also represents the Power element or the legal system with reference to his chart hence his continuous problems with legal issues. His chart seems like a typical weak chart hence having too much countering elements that work against his day master is not always a good thing.

In addition, Wood also represents his career, hence he loved being a performer since young. Somehow this aspect must have been contradicting for him, as much as he loved the applause and attention he gets but yet he sometimes finds it too much to bear. He has to keep up with the expectations the public have of him, and hence the need to continuously do modifications on his face, thou he has always denied it. Again this shows his desire to keep things under wrapped.

In his chart, the parents pillar clashes with his day pillar (Tiger clashes with Monkey) in the earthly branches which is hidden inside the chart, hence his unhappy childhood and strained relationship with his father which was only exposed after an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 1993 where he first talked about this father’s abusive after so many years later of being in the spotlight.

Many talked about his bizarre behavior but I guess this is a result of an unhappy childhood and to make up for the lost childhood experiences he should have if not for being a celebrity. With the clash affecting the Day pillar, amidst all the spot light, Jackson has a very unstable character in that internally there are a lot of struggles within oneself as he tries to find his real identity.

His generosity can also be seen with his dedication to various humanitarian causes, donating to charitable organizations and hence receiving an award from the then US President for his efforts. He has always been friendly with his fans and was said to love his fans as much as he loved his children. He is also known to host a number of children and their families in their visit to his Neverland Ranch for free, only to come under scrutiny because of this as he was accused of sexual misconduct with minors, first in 1993 and again in 2003.

His Symbolic Stars

MJ has the ‘Star of Arts’ in his chart and people with this star is usually creative and artisitic, hence his extraordinary achievements and talent in music. However, people with this star can be quite lonely on the inside and this is apparent as everyone talks about his loneliness.

He also sits on the ‘Five Ghost Star’ which is a backstabber star and being a celebrity, is is not surprising that the public will talk frequently about his private issues, whether he is alive or he has already passed on. Now that he is not around, more and more issues seems to have arise out of nowhere and evokes more discussion about him and his family. Even when he does good things, like hosting children to his Neverland Ranch, negative issues has instead come out of this and the focus become child molestation instead of his kind gestures.

MJ also has the ‘Blood Star’ in his chart. Individuals with this star are usually prone to injuries and are likely to have wounds and scars on his face and body caused by surgical operations. This is no doubt a fact as he has come under the knife so many times for his face and injuries he incurred due to dancing.

He also has the ‘Travelling Horse Star’ and it is no wonder he has received international fame and everywhere in the world, there are MJ fans. Individuals with the Travelling Horse Star brings about opportunities working and travelling abroad and very often these individuals will find success in their overseas ventures.

As we do not have his full Ba Zi information, we are unable to have a full discussion about this Ba Zi chart. As to what really happened to him, I see a partial 3 Persecuting clashes (Ox-Dog-Goat) in his Ba Zi, which may form a full clash if it interacts with the monthly star at the time it happened. The 3 Persecuting Clashes is also known as a punishment clash, meaning problems evolved because of one’s own actions. I do not wish to speculate anything here but there are rumours that he died due to a drug overdose. I think this punishment comes from both internal and external factors (as the elements comes in from both his personal luck cycle as well the annual and monthly elements) and the stress that he was experiencing for his comeback tours may have partly contributed to some of the problems.

No matter what, I am sad that the world has lost such a talent and nobody in our era will forget MJ, his unique dance moves and the music he brings. May he rest in peace!

Selecting the Right Employee using Face Reading Techniques?

In Ancient China, Chinese Face Reading techniques have been deployed as a tool to select candidates for imperial positions. Back in those times, birth data was not easily available and hence the importance of Face Reading techniques as a recruitment and selection tool.

One may argue that in our era, we have personality tests as a measurement tool of a person’s suitability for the right career fit. However, one cannot deny that test results can be ‘anticipated’ and candidates can cheat in their answers. To customized a test would meant that the company need to set aside a certain amount of their HR budget to personalize it while off the shelf personality tests, thou not as costly, may not be a 100% fit for the usage of the company.

Face reading on the other hand can be done subtly and there is no way that a candidate can cheat! Once the right techniques have been mastered, Face Reading just comes naturally and is a skill that you will bring with you wherever you go. Here are some tips on how to identify the right kind of employees:

1. Face Shape

If you are looking for staff to be in jobs that requires a lot of planning, design and creativity, look for someone with an inverted triangular shape face. Such individuals are thought type people who are thinkers and can come up with excellent ideas. However, if you are looking for someone who can plan and execute at the same time, look for a square shaped face. When a person’s jaw bows can be seen from the front view of the face, this indicates a person who can take hardship and will not hesitate to roll down their sleeves to get things down. A round shaped face person is good for jobs that require public relations work and entertaining clients.

2. Eyes & Eyebrows

In face reading, luster from a person’s eyes is the most crucial aspect to examine. The eyeball and eye white should be clear and sharp. A person whose eyes have luster is determined and knows what they want in life and hence are good decision makers. For example, individuals with big eyes are more emotional and more expressive; hence such individuals are suitable to be in sales or occupations that involves interaction with people. Individuals with small eyes are better at work that involves planning and can be trusted to keep secrets. When we observe a person’s eyes, we should also look at their eyebrows and eyebrows ridge. A person’s with neat eyebrows indicates again that the person is focused in thoughts and can achieve more in life. With the brow ridge protruding, you are looking at someone who is sociable and enjoy meeting people and have good observation skills. Hence such individuals are again good for sales or PR related jobs. Sunken eyebrow ridge indicates a person who has less confidence and if the eyebrow is messy, such individuals lack direction in life as they tend to get confused easily.

3. Nose

There is a saying in face reading that ‘when one has a fleshy nose tip, their heart is not malicious’. The nose tells of a person’s character and most importantly, their wealth gathering ability. A person with a big and long nose tells of a character that has strong integrity and such individuals are also more independent. If the mountain root is also high, such individuals usually have a high level of self-respect and confidence and may find it difficult to accept criticism from others. A crooked nose person indicates a crafty person who is capable of deceiving others. Look around you and you will realize that most successful entrepreneurs have good-looking noses with fleshy nose tips and wings. Hence look for someone with a well-developed nose.

4. Mouth & Teeth

When we examine a mouth, we should also look at the border of the lips. The border of the lips should be well defined with no scars and such individuals can command respect from others from their speech, provided their teeth is also neat. A person with scars on their lips indicates that the person may unknowingly offend others through their speech of expression without themselves knowing. A person with a bigger mouth is more open minded and generous while a smaller mouth belongs to people who are more conservative. If you can see a person’s gums when s/he is smiling, you are looking at someone who will unknowingly disclose their secrets when they are talking to others without themselves realizing it. When we look at the teeth, we need to examine most importantly, the two front teeth and they should be neat with no gaps in between. A person’s teeth also tell of the reliability of their speech hence it is important that one’s teeth are neat and regular. If you realize, most talkative people have teeth that are not regular. Both the mouth and teeth should be examined together for more accuracy.

These are just some of the tips on how to select the right employee using Face Reading techniques. There is just so much more to Face Reading that can help HR professionals in their recruitment and selection decisions. This is a skill that will never get out dated and I promised you that looking at people would never be the same once you master the techniques. Good luck and have fun!

Riding the Economic Crisis – The Chinese Metaphysics Way

The recent economic crisis has driven everyone by surprise. Actually, looking at the interaction between the elements of year 2008, Wu Zi year (Yang Earth as the heavenly stem and Yang Water for the earthly branch), many Practitioners have predicted turmoil and problems but most of us did not expect that the problems would escalate to this extend. No matter what, it has all happened and we should all now think of how we can make things better and pave the way for recovery. Using the Chinese Metaphysics way, here’s sharing with all how we can make use of that little advantage for luck to work on our side and reduce the negativity:

1. Identifying your Nobleman Stars

For those of you who have sign up for your Ba Zi reading, don’t think of that little report as ‘for your information only’ and cast it aside after your consultation. That report contains so many information that is useful for you and most important of all, your nobleman animal signs. Everyone has 2 unique nobleman animal sign as tabulated using the heavenly stem of the day you are born. Activate that nobleman by carrying the little amulets of your nobleman wherever you go. In addition, place the nobleman animals in your work desk and your home so that you have people helping you wherever you are and whatever you do. Of course, like I have always shared, expect that you have to help others too as when you activate your nobleman, you sometimes become another person’s nobleman as well. It’s a 2-way exchange so don’t expect yourself to be just on the receiving end. Give abit of that help to someone in need, you will never know in what way it will come back to you one day!

2. Sit Facing your 8 Mansions Sheng Chi direction at work

I have seen a lot of miracles in this sometimes even to my own surprise. Once, I told a fellow colleague to sit facing her Sheng Chi direction and she got so much exciting opportunities coming her way that she left for a better offer shortly after. I also realize that if you sit facing one of your favourable directions, you naturally feel more energized and alert, hence you can achieve much more at work. All you have to do is to check out your four favourable directions, get a simple compass and find out where it is. Tilt your computer or laptop to that direction so that you are facing that direction most of the time. You will be surprised at the effects. Of course, if luck has it that you cannot tilt to that direction because landform wise it is not feasible, try to switch to another workstation if it’s not too difficult.

3. Activating the Wealth Star 8 location at home

Every year, the annual wealth star number 8 moves around and it if happens to fall at your main door in a particular year, you are in luck as there is no need for you to further activate the sector. The opening and closing of the door, along with movement by the occupants will activate the water star number 8 naturally. However, if it is not, make sure that the water star number 8 location is not cluttered and messy. If there is an opening in the form of a door or window in that particular area, it would be really favourable. If not, you can place something with movement in that area, either a water feature (provided that your house natal chart allows water to be placed there, otherwise please DO NOT place water features if you are unsure of the stars in the location as the results could be disastrous) or anything that moves there to keep the chi active in that area. The least you could do is to ensure that the area is clean and neat so good chi can flow in that position.

4. Wear your favorable colours for important events

Once again, Ba Zi is one of the most powerful formulas around and can help to enhance a person’s luck if used correctly. For those of you who have seek a consultation, you would be given a list of your favourable colours. Try it out and feel the results. Your favourable colours are derived based on the deficiencies in the elements of your chart configuration. Hence, wearing your good colours can help fill it abit of that gap. No matter how little the contribution may be, we all need that bit of luck and competitive advantage to move forward. Hence give it a try and you will feel the difference. Personally it works very well for me, especially when I need to attend an important event or give a presentation on that day. I will surely wear my favourable colours to give me the extra bit of luck.

5. Enhance with your human actions

Finally, no matter what you do, remember that human actions play a part in our total luck and fortune. Be positive and always remember that behind every cloud there is a silver lining. In bad times, the key is to persevere and stay positive. I always believe that everything happens for a reason. During negative times, we should stay low profile and not make changes hastily, for the choices that comes may make things worst if you make the switch. Sometimes, not moving is still the best option. We should not sit back and sulk at the bad fortune, instead, we should pave the way and build up our resources so that when good time comes; we are better able to grab that opportunity. Take up a course or learn something new. You will never know when you will need that knowledge one day. Whatever we do, nothing is wasted as it all adds up to our life experiences. Hence you are the best activator of your own luck and fortune.

Space Cleansing Techniques

I have been asked many times by clients on how to do space cleansing for their home, especially if the home they are buying is a resale apartment. Everyone wants a fresh start and a new beginning and is concern about what they can do to 'get rid' of the negative energy.

There are many ways to do it but what I am about to share with you is a proven method used by spiritual Masters and is especially effective.

The ingredients you need are 9 Kaffir lime leaves, 3 Kaffir Lime, Chinese Tea Leaves, Rice, Rock Salt and Kemayan incense.

First of all, put the Kaffir leaves and lime and put them in a pail of water. Remember the key is to cut the limes into half and squeeze their juice out and squeeze the leaves too while putting them in the pail of water so their juice comes out. Some leaves really emit a very strong smell and the stronger it is, the more effective is the cleansing.

Next, with the pail of water, start by cleaning all the major 'chi' entry points in the house starting with the main door. Proceed on with all the windows in the house, not forgetting the bedroom doors as well. This procedure symbolizes a new beginning and using 9 leaves means getting rid of any previous negative energy and having a new beginning. If you have any remaining water, you can use this to clean your furniture or mop the floor. The most crucial step is to take care of all the chi entry points in the house.

The third step involves mixing the Chinese tea leaves, rice and rock salt together. Use this mixture, throw it on the walls and all areas around your house freely (especially the corners), this time starting from the most inside of house, usually one of the bedrooms, then moving outwards and finally touching the main door. As you do this, within every space, close the windows and doors after one section and proceed on to the next. It is recommended to chant a mantra as you go along to enhance effectiveness. Depending on your religion, you can choose what is most comfortable for you. For Buddhist clients, you can chant this powerful mantra for purification 'Om Mani Peh Me Hone' for every throw you make.

Finally, do the Kemayan smoke cleansing after all the other cleansing procedures discussed earlier have been completed. You can use a few Kemayan together and again starting from the Main door and slowly move inwards, covering every sector of your house. Chant the mantra again as you move along.

Sometimes if you feel that the chi of your home is getting stagnant, you can also undertake this space cleansing procedures. Usually I recommend clients to use the kaffir leaves cleansing for their home, before the start of every Lunar New Year to give them a new beginning for the New Year. The mixture of rice, rock salt and Chinese tea leaves is more necessary especially if you have purchased a new home and are unsure about the history of the previous occupants. Or you feel the presence of unwanted spirits and wishes to find a proper way to invite them 'out of the house'. You can undertake the Kemayan cleansing regularly to keep the energy of your house purified, preferably every week for best effects. Space cleansing can also be done if there are unfortunate events happening in the house like a recent demise of a family member or if you have experienced a spade of bad luck and felt that everything is not going in the right direction. You can use space cleansing to get rid of the bad energy and start afresh. It is recommended that you wear a protection amulet while you undertake your space cleansing procedures to ensure that you are also protected during the process.

Consulting and Interpretating the Goddess of Mercy/Kuan Yin Oracle

Many of us, at some point in time, will face challenges or decisions that we find difficult to handle and sometimes we just hope that at that moment, someone can just tell us what to do to get out of the situation or help us make a decision. Thus most of us would have resort to consulting the oracle, whether it's the Western version of the oracle using Tarot cards or Rune cards, or the Chinese Metaphysical version of the I-Ching. The Kuan Yin oracle is yet another version of such divination tools that is more commonly used and available for Buddhist and Taoist believers.

My interest to talk about this topic is due to the fact that personally I consult the Kuan Yin oracle very often and have on many occasions; find a solution to my problems. As curious as I always am, I started studying every single lot (there are 100 lots altogether) and every time I consult the oracle, I find it easy to relate to my situation. Of course at the beginning, everything seems so confusing and I am sure many of you have been at my stage before and I can fully understand how you feel.

First of all, when you consult the oracle, keep an open mind in what it is going to advise you. Try not to dictate the results as ultimately, the answer comes from yourself and subconsciously, you already know what is the outcome. The oracle serves to further reiterate what you know or gives you a hint of what to expect.

Before you start consulting, think about the question clearly on your mind and remember ask one thing at a time. Do not ask open-ended questions; try to phrase your questions as specific as possible.

As you received a lot from Kuan Yin, ask her for 'Sheng Bei' (one up and one down) if this should be the right lot. If both protrude, it is a 'Xiao Bei', meaning she is happy or laughing and you may ask her again if the lot is the correct one. If the answer is no (both flat), proceed to pick another lot. Some people tell me that one should ask three times if the lot selected is the correct one. Actually this is not necessary as in my personal experience, if it is the right one, it will appear a second or third time, the exact same number. This has happened to me personally so many times. If you consult the oracle for three times and Kuan Yin has not given you a clear answer or indication, you should just do it another day, as perhaps it was not meant to be.

Once you received an indication from her the lot you have picked is the right one, you can proceed to read the interpretation. Many clients of mine tend to read everything written on the book about the lot and at the end of the day, realize that they get even more confused. Be clear in your own mind, if you ask about business transactions, read only the results on that section. If you ask about marriage, similarly, read only the section on marriage. The key to interpretating the oracle is to understand the poems and then pick out the exact issue you are consulting about. Usually the poems will give you a hint of what you are expecting or sometimes give you the immediate answer you need. If you can understand Chinese, do read the Chinese version of the interpretation as all these poems were derived from ancient stories in China and understanding the stories behind the poems would give you a greater insight on the answers to your question.

Mostly importantly, I would like to highlight to all here that the oracle serves as a guide, and is by no means an end to your problems or issue. Remember that you are the ultimate decision maker and you have the power to affect your own destiny. Even if Kuan Yin gives you a favourable outcome, but you did not work hard towards your goals, it will turn out that you are not achieving whatever the oracle tells you. Or if the oracle gives you an unfavourable outcome, it does not mean that it is the end of the world. You still have the power to affect the outcome, as long as you give it your best, and whatever you are doing is for good. Sometimes Kuan Yin can work miracles, as I have constantly experienced for my own self and in my consultation, when she spiritually 'pull' those people in need to meet me at occasions that they least expected. Till now, I still wonder and am amazed at such meetings, with clients from as far as the United States of America via the Internet.

Symbolic Products - Are they just Ornaments or Do they really work?

This is a common question I am sure many have in your mind. In fact, most people who have some interest in Feng Shui would have started out buying at least one or two symbolic products and then proceed further to learn more about the more technical aspects of this art. Yet with the recent of avocation of Feng Shui as an ancient Science and not related to religion or symbols, this confusion seems to be even stronger, with the Advocators being at the 2 extreme ends of the ruler.

I started my study in the field of Chinese Metaphysics studying the use and purpose of symbolic products and have previously spend a lot of my hard earned savings buying these products and testing out their usage. I was not satisfied with whatever I read on books or the internet about how useful they are, thus I did my own study and research, using myself as a genuine pig. Of course, I have made a lot of mistakes along the way but have also gained some really valuable knowledge.

As I have the privilege to work directly at a part of Singapore where the suppliers and shops selling such products gathered, I spend practically every single day of my lunch break going around exploring every single store and products they sell, looking for the cheapest bargains.

I have to admit that probably some of these products are purely ornamental by nature and do not serve real Feng Shui purposes. However, traditionally, some of these symbols have been around since ancient time and does indeed hold some protective powers. Having the privilege of studying under a Spiritual and Feng Shui Master who does blessing for symbolic items, my knowledge of symbolic products have gone beyond what I have previously discovered and I hope to share with you some unique insights on this topic, especially with an added spiritual point of view.

To Bless or Not to Bless?

The next question on your mind would be, 'Should I then send my symbolic products for blessing at a temple or to a Spiritual Master?' For clients who are not Buddhist or Taoist, you would perhaps wonder if the products are still useful if you do not bless them. Well, some products indeed do hold some 'power' even if they are not blessed but after blessing, the potential of it helping to counter 'sha' would be much greater and enhanced. But I do not recommend you to send them for blessing if you do not know how to handle them. After an item is blessed, the owner has certain responsibilities when it comes to the handling and placement of the products. The most basic criteria is to treat it with a certain degree of respect, as you would give to the Deity you invite to your home. If you realize, some Spiritual Masters would instruct their clients to place a cup of water in front of the symbolic item that has been blessed and the water has to be changed daily. But what if you do not follow the procedures? As the blessed item possess some spiritual powers, it has the potential to turn evil and go against you. Thus I always tell my clients, if you want to get them blessed, you have to make sure that you take responsibility and follow whatever steps necessary to ensure that everything is done in proper. I also always tell my clients this, when you are in luck, everything will go in your favour and they will probably obey your wishes but when you are in your down cycle, anything can turn against you.

The first thing you need to do after bring home your symbolic item and to cleanse them with water dissolved with rock salt or water soaked with 9 kaffir leaves. Do ensure that the items you bought have no physical defects or chips. Otherwise their effects would be greatly discounted. Whether you want to send them for blessing or not, it is necessary to cleanse them to get rid of whatever negative energy it may attract from previous handling.

The next most important step you need to do is to tie a red ribbon around the neck of the item, regardless of whether you want to send them for blessing or not. This is to keep them auspicious and they become 'yang'. If you realize, many of the Stone Lions flanking the front doors of homes or organizations have a big red ribbon tied around their necks. This ribbon can also 'tame' them in a spiritual sense and they will 'obey' the orders of their owners.

For placement of items, do not place them at too high a level. The best height is at a table level. This symbolizes that they will be under your control. For items that looked fierce by nature, for example, Dragon, Dragon tortoise, Rooster, Chi Lins (Dragon Horse) etc, do not have their heads confronting you. Position their heads facing outwards, either side-by-side with you at the office table with their heads pointing outwards or looking out from your front door or windows, facing the poison arrows or sha chi.

For items that have been blessed by a Spiritual Master, look out for any green patches that may appear at the red dots made by the Master during the blessing procedures. If the dots turn green, or you discover that the eyes of the creature has turned greenish, you have to immediately dispose of them as they have turned evil and unfit for further usage. The proper way to dispose items that have been blessed is to throw them at a nearby lake or river. For items that have not been blessed, you can dispose them as per your normal waste.

The key to maximizing the effects of your symbolic items is also to install them on an auspicious day and time. If you are not familiar with date selection, you can either consult a Master or at the very minimum, select a day that does not clash with your personal animal sign.

Effective Symbolic Items

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Chi Lin or Dragon Horse - My Master's favourite tool is the Chi Lin or Dragon Horse. This pair of creatures usually comes with the Male version stepping on a ball and the Female version with a Baby Chi Lin. Place the Male version on the left side (from your main door looking outwards) and the Female on the right. The Chi Lin is great for countering any forms of sha chi and the key is to have them looking outwards facing the poison arrows. My Master prefers using the Chi Lin to Fu Dogs or Stone Lions as they are much more gentle yet as good in countering negative energy. You can place them just inside the front door facing outwards. However, here's a word of caution for those who likes to engage in speculative activities. The Chi Lin does not support speculative luck thus if you are those who likes to gamble or engage in other forms of speculative activities, you should consider inviting the Pi Qiu instead. But do note that the Pi Qiu is traditionally not used to counter sha but to attract wealth.

Dragon Tortoise - I have on many occasions; advise my clients who has problems with their superiors in their workplace to place this object on their office desk for support. The key is again to keep its head pointing outwards and next to you by your office table. The effects if placed correctly works very fast and I have constantly received positive feedback from my clients. However, you must also remember that such items help to enhance the process but you have to work hard in your job as well to get the due recognition you deserved.

Rooster - The rooster is an excellent cure for office politics. However, from experience, even if you want the item to work for you, you do not wish for it to harm another person, incurring bad karma upon oneself. Thus when you place the rooster, beware that its head do not point towards another person, otherwise you may cause harm upon that colleague. My personal experience is that the person who gets 'pecked' will resign and leave their jobs, usually within a short period. Thus do be considerate in that aspect. The rooster is also one of the four peach blossom animals thus if it happens to be your peach blossom animal, placing it in the appropriate sector may actually enhance your romance luck. If you are married, it may bring additional unnecessary attention especially from the opposite sex and may cause problems for your marriage if you go 'beyond the border'. Do take note of this and remember that ultimately peach blossom luck, whether it's the good stars or the bad stars, bring good people relations and as long as you are cautious and keep a safe distance, it will work from you rather than harm you.

Five Element Pagoda - Personally I find this a very effective cure against Flying Stars Number 2, 3 and 5, whether it's the stars from your house natal charts or from the annual and/or monthly influence. I have also applied this successfully for many clients and received positive feedbacks about the effects of installing the pagoda. I have a few of this at home as I shift my cures around the house, watching the movement of the monthly stars. The key is to add in more pagodas for example, if you know that this particular sector has the star number 5 in your house natal chart and you have already installed one pagoda in that sector and annual star 5 is flying in this year, add an additional pagoda with the existing one. You can reuse it and shift it around the house monitoring the annual or monthly star movements. If your Feng Shui Consultant has identified a specific sector of your home using your Ba Zi that needs to be cured or protected with the metal element, you can also use the pagoda. I have successfully done this to protect an important element/sector in my mother's Ba Zi using the pagoda and it works very well. Nowadays, you can get one at less than SGD$20 in some of the stalls in Waterloo Street, compared to when it was first launched when it can go as high as SGD$80.

This list is by no way exhaustive and I have more that I can write about. The items discussed above are just some of the common ones which I frequently recommend to clients but each individual has their own purpose for installing symbolic items and their own unique Feng Shui environment, thus if you have any specific needs that you want to consult me, do feel free to write to me via email at Remember, enhancing your home or office Feng Shui can be done creatively, display only the few essential items, as you do not wish for your house or office to appear like a Chinese museum.

Ba Zi - Our Chinese DNA

Ba Zi,, also known as Four Pillars of Destiny, is a set of Chinese DNA derived from our date and time of birth. It is derived differently from the Chinese Lunar calendar, which many are confused with. The calendar we are using here is the Hsia Li or Wan Nian Li in Chinese, also known as the Ten Thousand Years Calendar formally used by the Chinese farmers.

Uncovering Your Relationships

Why do I call it our Chinese DNA? That is because with so little information, we are able to derive so much information about a person. For example, you are able to see your relationship with your parents, siblings, spouse, children, friends and even your colleagues; whether your get along with them, the potential issues that you may encounter in your relationship with them and so on.

In other instances, you may be able to see the number of potential marriage prospects you may have in this lifetime and how your relationship with your future partner would be like; are you a loving couple or are you a couple who just cannot get along?

Making The Right Career Decisions

You are also able to use this piece of information to determine if a particular project or new venture that you are working on will be able to turn out successful or not. A lot of clients like to ask me, what is the right time to change job. In your Ba Zi, we are able to derive the 'right' time to move and sometimes where and which industry to move to. You can examine which is the likely industry you will join and your dream job (in some instances the actual industry you joined may not necessarily be what you like to do).

For some individuals, your Ba Zi would be able to tell you if you have the special 'criteria' to set-up your own business, whether you should be a sole proprietor or a partnership. And believe me, this is really accurate and amazing, as I have encountered some of my clients who are CEOs or Managing Directors of big Multi-National Corporations who shared with me that they have gone into business a few times but failed. On the contrary, they find much success in their careers, going all the way up the corporate ladder! Its not that they don't have the talent or knowledge to do it, they are really successful managing the companies for other people, it is their destiny stars that doesn't support their venture.

Predicting Significant Events in Your Life

Sometimes, using Ba Zi, we are also able to derive certain events happening to us in a particular year, a particular month and even right down to the day and time. For example, I saw my own mother's demise in the year 2007. In 2006, I have already saw it happened, in her own Ba Zi, in my dad's Ba Zi and my own Ba Zi. The amazing thing about this special set of code is that thou we are born at different time and day and having totally different configurations in our Ba Zi, when a common event happened in our destiny, such information can actually be seen from all our charts! My relatives and friends were even surprised that I was able to tell the exact day and time that she would be in danger! This is how amazing this set of code is and how it can prepare us better for our future.

Date Selection for Special Events

We can also use this special set of code to engage in date selection, enabling one to tap into the beneficial energy of the universe and giving one an additional competitive edge in whatever you are going to do, whether its that special wedding date, or the day when you are going to sign that big contract that will affect your business.

Using Ba Zi in Feng Shui Applications

It is also using the same set of code that your Fengshui Consultant will assist to determine your good and bad sectors, the sectors where your destiny stars (e.g. flower of romance, nobleman, traveling horse) are residing in and how to help you maximize the good ones or mitigate the bad ones. Surprisingly, using simple activation of destiny stars, I was able to help a client find a job after being unemployed for more than a year. Similarly, using the same set of rules, I helped a friend conceive after helping her to identify and hence activate her conception corner.

Isn't it amazing how such a simple set of code can show so much information! Not forgetting your personal characteristics as well. The next time you meet your Feng Shui Consultant, don't try to lie to him/her about yourself. Before you know it, s/he has already uncovered your deepest secrets!

Making Informed Decisions

Many a times, in my consultation, I have always tell my clients that we must all learn to make choices and knowing our destiny code allow us to make 'informed' decisions. I also have clients telling me all the time that everything is fixed from the time of birth and we cannot change the outcome no matter what we do. On the other end, I have seen cases of people defying their destiny and make a difference in their lives, no matter how small it may be.

Some people prefer not to know and lead life the way it is, let natural takes it course. Is that the right way to approach this? Taking my own example of my mother's demise again, I am glad that I have seen it before it comes as it no longer comes as a shock to me and I am able to deal with things calmly and plan for her after arrangements. This is especially crucial for me, as being an only child, I need to lead the front in times of crisis.

Thus if you asked me now, I would strongly advise that if given a choice, do have your fortune read. It is no longer seen as a superstition or mysterious thing. Being informed is better than not knowing it at all. Sometimes in the case of smaller issues, using Feng Shui cures and human actions can help us to change the outcome. But if the worst case happened, at least it is a predicted outcome and you are mentally prepared for any challenges that come along your way. And trust me, you would really appreciate having being prepared for it in the first place!

Salt Water Cure

The salt water cure is one of the most powerful methods used to cure Sickness Star 2 and 5 Yellow (both Earth stars), two of the most lethal flying stars in this period of 8.

Besides controlling the negative flying stars, the salt water cure also has the ability to cleanse your house and rid it of any ‘unwanted’ guests. One of my clients in the United States shared that she saw black shadows getting out of her house after she installed her salt water cure. Rock salt, especially, has that special ability; hence the same ingredient is used in space cleansing when you first open the door to your new home.

The ingredients you need to prepare the salt water cure is as follows:

1. A clear glass container that can contain about 500ml of water;

2. 6 i-ching coins or the ancient Chinese coins as some would call it;

3. Rock salt;

4. Tap Water

Before you prepare the cure, ensure that you have cleansed yourself too and prepare it at a place where there are no distractions so that you could focus. Once you are ready, follow the steps as follows:

1. Fill the glass container with rock salt to about 70% of the container.

2. Place the 6 coins on top of the rock salt in a circular formation. Make sure that the side with the 4 Chinese characters face upwards.

3. Slowly fill the container with water to about 95% of the container. Place a mat or plate under the container to protect your furniture or flooring, as the crystallization process will damage your furniture.

4. Place the completed product at the sector that you want to cure.

5. Ensure that the water remains at 90% of the container by topping it up regularly.

Please do not touch or move the container and wash yourself immediately if you accidentally touch it. Keep it open, as it is more effective that way. Some Masters recommend that you replace the cure with a new one every 3 months. Frankly, you can use it for up to a year. Do monitor the crystallization process and if you think that it gets too messy after sometime, you can replace it with a new one. The more negative energy it absorbs, the faster the crystallization process will be and hence the messier it will get. When you throw it away, use gloves to avoid touching it. Throw it out into the dustbin outside your home.

I hope that this article will give you more insights into the cure and most importantly, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to cure the bad sectors in your home. Good luck!

Face Reading Unveiled!

Mian Xiang, or the ancient Chinese art of Face Reading is one of the commonly used methods to determine a person’s luck and destiny. Unknown to many, this traditional art was used commonly as a way to select candidates for imperial positions since it is not easy to get birth data in those days. Moreover, one cannot cheat with the ‘information’ shown on your face, hence the accuracy of this technique.

There are various ways of analyzing a person’s face. Each position of the face represents a particular age. Generally, your ears represent 1 to 14 years of age, forehead to before the eyebrows, 15 to 30 years, from your eyebrows to your nose 31 to 50 years and from the philtrum to your chin, 51 years and above. Generally we like the different positions of the face to be fleshy with no dents or scars. A mole also represents an obstacle and is generally not desired with some exceptions to the rule.

Detailed reading of a person’s face can also be analyzed accordingly to the 12 palaces of the face. These palaces govern different kinds of luck and we will explore in greater details some of these key important aspects.

Career Palace

A person’s forehead represents their career potential. Good foreheads that are high and smooth indicate success in one’s career. The general rule is to use the 5-finger rule to measure the distance between your hairlines to eyebrows. If your forehead is 5 fingers spacing and above, you are someone who has the potential to climb up the corporate ladder. If your forehead is one that is protruding, this indicates a person who is more domineering and willful in character and this may affect her person relationships, especially if she is a woman, made worst if the forehead is high as well. Such woman will do well in their career but will experience problems in their personal relationships. A forehead with a lot of wrinkles indicates a person who suffers an early life of hardship and usually comes out into the job market early in life.

Assets/Property Palace

Are you someone who has the potential to stay in a landed mansion or someone who is destined to stay in a high-rise apartment? Your property or assets palace, the space between your eyebrows and eyes would tell it all! If your assets palace is wide and appears full, you are likely to be staying in a mansion. Individuals with moles at this position also indicate one who is careless and then to lose things easily. If there are dark patches around the eyes at the assets palace, this indicates problems at home and hence unhappiness. If there are tiny hairs growing in your assets palace, this also indicates the possibility of attracting little ‘villains’ into your life. Hence it is recommended that you remove the tiny hairs in this area.

Wealth Palace

Our nose represents our wealth capacity. Hence the nose tip should be rounded and fleshy and this indicates a person who has the ability to make money. Exposed nostrils are not desirable as this indicates leaking of wealth and these are people who cannot save money, as they tend to have high spending power. And for ladies, your nose also represents your husband. Hence, to find yourself a good husband, you need to have a fleshy and good nose, with no visible dents and scars. If your nose has a problem, usually this also means that your husband or marriage has some issues. Hence good care of your nose if you want to marry a good husband!

Children Palace

The area just directly under your eye indicates your children luck, your relationship with them and whether they will be filial to you. We like this area to be fleshy, clear colored with no dark circles. Dark circles under the eyes indicate a person who is constantly worried about their children. Dark eye bags with lines running across the eye bag also indicates poor affinity with your children. Hence make sure that you get enough sleep and take good care of this area.

Marriage Palace

A person’s marriage palace is the position next to your eye, slightly below the temples. Usually since the nose is used to evaluate the husband potential for the ladies, this position is used to evaluate the quality of the wife for the guys. We don’t like this position to be sunken as this represents unhappiness in the marriage. Overly fleshy in this area also indicates the possibility of getting a domineering and controlling wife. Hence we prefer balanced. People with phoenix eyes (with edges of the eye that tilt upwards) represents people with a lot of peach blossom luck. Usually if this cuts into the marriage palace, this indicates potential marital problems. Coupled with green colored veins, this could mean serious marital discords.

Health Palace

The nose bridge determines our health palace. Generally we don’t like to see lines stretching across this position. Usually when there is a knot at this position, this indicates a person who is constantly experiencing health issues. Beware of reddish veins appearing on your nose as this indicates the possibility of bloodshed related accidents.

Some of these areas of our face can be covered or enhanced with clever use of your make-up and cosmetics. Hence put more efforts in maintaining your face so that you experience smooth sailing luck!

(Article first appeared on June issue of CLEO online magazine)

Fengshui Tips on Selecting an Apartment

For my destiny analysis clients, I have always highlighted the importance of choosing a door direction that comes in from a favorable direction based on your Ba Zi. I have also listed the options of the directions, which you can choose from. What if the husband and wife have different ‘preferences’, so who takes priority?

Sometimes the good directions for you may be the reverse for him hence you will need to decide who will take priority. Usually the sole breadwinner of the family has the most priority. We will then do the adjustments internally to suit the other family members.

In addition, external landforms require consideration as well. Some Practitioners place as much as 70% emphases on the external landforms of a house when it comes to the total fengshui of a location. Generally, you need to ensure the location the house occupies has the back tortoise support (in the front of actual mountains or virtual mountains like buildings), front phoenix (lower in the front of the house), and left and right support from the dragon and tiger formation respectively. Usually we want both the left and right side to be balance, which means neither side should be longer or more prominent than the other. The prominence can sometimes be measured by the actual mountains on either side of the house or buildings next to the house which act as virtual mountains. There should not be any prominent sha chi in the front in the form of poison arrows, either from the opposite building or any road that seems threatening approaching the front.

Finally, internally, the flying stars of the house, especially the front door, should be occupied by good stars as that is the point where the apartment absorbs the most chi into the house. Following that, the next more important considerations will be your bedroom and the kitchen. These are the 3 most important places that should be occupied with good stars since you spend the most of your time inside these sectors. You must also understand that the landform outside the house will influence the stars. Good landforms enhance the good stars while reducing the impact of the bad stars and vice versa. We also prefer the unit to be regular in shape, without any prominent missing corner. Every sector in the Ba Gua represents a member of the family and if one sector is missing, it will affect the person the sector represents. Missing sectors are difficult to cure despite the fact that some Practitioners claim that you can place some symbolic items to cure.

Hence I hope these tips can give you a general guide and that you have some knowledge of fengshui to know what I am talking about. Good luck in the selection of your new nest!

Accumulating Good Karma

In my destiny consultation, I have always shared with my clients the set of special symbolic stars unique to each person’s chart. Personally, I have experienced a lot of encounters where I wished that I would have known this information sooner and could have hence taken the necessary precautions. Good stars are like special angels and would help to dissipate any negativity while the negative stars gets triggered especially when the year, month, day repeats itself.

Our Ba Zi thou stagnant, interacts with our own personal luck pillars in the 10 year cycle. In addition, the yearly effects that come are beyond our control. These set of influence is the same for every chart but the extend of the impact depends on the element it interacts with in your chart. No matter how hard you try to avoid them, it will somehow present itself. However, being mindful allows us to avoid the problem or at least reduce the effects.

A very good friend of mine had once shared with me his own special way of accumulating good karma, which I want to share with everyone reading this article. He is a devoted Buddhist and had done a lot of research in this aspect. In my destiny consult, I realized that there are some very negative stars that will impact our family members. Hence right from the start before we conceive a child, there are some things to watch out for. He shared that in Buddhist studies, there are 10 special days in every month that one should not conceive. The 10 days are (in Chinese calendar dates) 1st, 8th, 14th, 15th, 18th, 23rd, 24th, 28th, 29th and 30th. If parents would be more mindful in this aspect, you can perhaps do much more to help your child’s future destiny rather then going through the trouble of having to select a date for caesarian. In addition, for those of you who are going through a rough patch now, you can try to perform good deeds during these 10 special days. According to my friend, the effects will amplify during these 10 days and can perhaps do more to neutralize the bad karma compared to the normal days.

But always bear in mind that for that to be useful, do it with a true and sincere heart and never expect anything in return. That is the real purpose of doing good deeds right from the start, you do it because you want to, not because you expect something to come back to you in a good way. Good luck and I hope you will find this information useful. Remember, human actions can still impact the outcome of our total destiny!

I dedicate this merit to all beings, may they find joy, peace & happiness always!

Date Selection for Weddings– Is it a MUST?

Many of my clients come to seek our date selection services especially for important events like their wedding, placement of the marital bed and exchanging of wedding gifts. When I asked them if they really believe in this, most of them answered that they are doing it because their parents want them to do so and ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Like I have emphasized to some of my clients, selecting a good date does not ensure that you have a long lasting marriage. It takes more effort than that for a marriage to work. In reality, selecting a day ensures that you tapped into the auspicious energy of that day and hence ensures that the entire process of whatever you do run smoothly on that day itself. There are certain special qualities that each day presents and selecting a good day with these special energies allow you to tap into that luck.

But that does not mean that you should just pluck the date off from any traditional Chinese almanac! Some of you may be unwilling to spend that money to seek a consultation. In reality, seeking a consultation does not mean that the Fengshui Practitioner just pluck off any date that is auspicious. The real art of date selection comes in the fact that the Trained Practitioner will match a person’s Ba Zi with the dates selected to ensure that the day itself does not clash with the bride or groom. Actually our Ba Zi is just like an ‘egg’ and clashing the year of birth means that the shell breaks, causing the internal structure to become vulnerable. Hence the first level is always to ensure that the day does not clash with the year of your birth. At an advance level, the day that you are born not just represent yourself but the earthly branch (animal sign in layman’s term) actually represents your spouse palace. Hence to complicate matters, the Practitioner needs to ensure that the date selected does not clash with your day of birth as well!

Imagine a couple having 4 different animal signs in their Ba Zi chart (year and day pillar), so there’s really limited dates left for the Practitioner to select. In the first place, in every month, not all dates are suitable for the activity you planned for. Not considering that there are many types of date selection methods and some Advanced Practitioners will also synergize the different methods to come out with the best dates possible. Hence it is not an easy job at all.

Hence I hope that everyone will develop a better understanding of what date selection is all about. Who doesn’t want that extra luck if you can tap into it when performing any activity, especially when it is the event of your lifetime. Here’s wishing all couples a happy and blissful marriage!

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