Subject: Main door facing Balcony


Need your kind advise. My front door is facing south. It is facing the balcony. Pls advise what can I do about it cause alot of people say that my wealth is flowing out because of above. Any things other than divider can be considered? Such as an object to be placed in-between...thks


Ronnie Sim

Hi Ronnie,

First of all, is it really true for you that wealth have been leaking after your moved into this house? Any other significant events that you can recall that happened after moving in?

Generally it is unfavourable for the front door to face either a window or a balcony as it will result in loss of wealth, not considering other possible fengshui factors. Of course, loss of wealth could be the result of other fengshui problems as well, it could be due to negative flying stars or wrong placement of certain items in a particular sector of the house. In addition, your ba zi or four pillars of destiny has to be examined as well to investigate the reasons for the loss of wealth. Usually such issues will all come together for any significant events to trigger, e.g. your ba zi + house fengshui + human actions all comes in to play a part.

Not considering other factors, you can put a divider in between your front door and the balcony. That is provided that there is sufficient space in your apartment to do so. Note that the divider must be longer and larger in terms of width and height compared to your front door for the divider to be of effective use. If space doesn't allow, you can also consider using curtains but the divider is a much better option as curtains will block the sunlight from coming into your apartment (as you have to keep it close most of the time) and we prefer our apartment to be bright and fresh qi to come in. Alternatively, you can place a plant in between the main door and the balcony and this is the cure shared by some of the Hong Kong Masters I know. Personally I place both the divider and the plant. You can try either method or both and share with me again if it works well for you.

I hope you will find our advise useful to your needs. Thank you and best wishes!

Best Regards,


Subject: Space cleaning advise

Dear Fengshui master

I read about your space cleaning procedures. May I know if the procedures can be done on the moving day itself? Or it should be done before the day? Appreciate your advise. Thank you.



Hi PG,

Usually space cleansing is done on a day, which is auspicious. In the fengshui almanac, there are days suitable to do cleansing thus I would suggest you take a look at the almanac and select a good day for cleansing, preferably done before you are moving in. Choose also a day that does not clash with the ba zi of the person doing the cleansing.

Subsequently, as you are staying in the house, you can do the cleansing before every Lunar New Year to invite in the fresh energy or as and when you feel that your house needs an extra boost in terms of 'qi'. Cleansing using kemayan incense can be done on a weekly basis. Personally this is what I do with my own home.



Subject: 1st time open door as owner


I was reading that according to Fengshui when you get the key to your flat (resale or new) you cannot just go and open and enter it, you need to find an auspicious date then carry out some ceremony Is this true?

What are the steps of the ceremony for this ? I assume the date is those I can reference from the gas company calendar or tong shu that says YI: Lu Zai. Is that right?



Hi Cele,

Date selection is much more complicated than that. The dates listed in the calendar represent the activities that are suitable for certain actions during that date. On top of that, you also need to ensure that the date does not clash with your personal animal sign. You also need to select an auspicious time to perform the activity. This is the most simple and basic criteria for a layman to take note of for simple date selection. For Practitioners like us, we will look at even deeper levels to ensure that the date we select is an auspicious one and suitable for the occupants, including the auspicious directions of the day which is also listed in the Chinese calendar.

For cleansing of the house when you open the door for the first time, you can look at the articles written on our website for more information. There are instructions and details on the ingredients you need to prepare for the cleansing. For Taoist clients, most will also do prayers to the earth god of the house on the day they open the door.

Good luck in your new home!


Jenny Ng

Subject: Office Fengshui


I recently started reading books on Feng shui. I have done few feng shui thing at home like Buddha, horse dragon etc.... My husband's Kua number is 7 .He is an executive at work. He faces lots of political issues and gossiping etc at work. He fears that his boss might get turned away because of other people playing tricks at work. He is a very hard working person. So I gave him a rooster to place at work, but some of his colleagues commented on the rooster he has on his table and now he does not want to keep it on his desk anymore. Is there anything else he can put to avoid office politics and have things work in his favor. And some things to protect him. We live in US and we are Indians so to survive with whites here is hard once you reach a high level position at work. He has kept a dragon also he has kept in on a bookshelf above his head at work. I have placed a big rooster in our kitchen on the SE side. Please advice.


Hi Laky,

First of all, for symbolic products, display them on your table level with their head facing away from you. Putting the dragon above the bookshelf on his head is not recommended. he can keep it beside him on his work desk, with the head facing outwards.

To get support from his boss, he can either buy the dragon tortoise and display it at his work desk or hang a picture of a mountain painting behind him. Frankly, the rooster is one of the best cure against office politics then I would still recommend that. Your husband should not be too concern about what others say in this.

May I ask why do you display the rooster in the Southeast of your home? The rooster symbol can both be a peach blossom animal or a cure against bad fengshui. Some Masters have recommended putting a rooster to face the position where the 'sha' comes in. Thus do be careful of where you place this symbol, at the right place it can help but at the wrong place, it may bring disastrous results.

And do remember to tie a red ribbon on the neck of these symbols. This is to ensure they stay 'obedient' to their owners and not turn against you when your luck is down. You can ask your husband to also display symbols of his nobleman animals which you can find out using his date and time of birth. That will help him to get help from his nobleman in whatever he does.

Good Luck!


Jenny Ng

Subject: Fengshui for Love

Thank you so much for your time in replying to my email. The rooster at my home is in the kitchen counter which is in the East corner. Is the East corner good or bad for rooster ? As u said I have put a red thread around its neck. Me and my husband also have small arguments at home, I want to overcome that also. I have read somewhere to place pair of ducks. Is a pair of Swans OK?? If so where should I place it for the marriage to go strong and have more love between my husband and me?


Hi Lakshmy,

Your arguments could be a result of the bad flying stars at work in the room where you sleep or the front door of your house which can only be discovered from a detailed fengshui analysis.

For symbolic fengshui, you can use swans or any symbol of a pair of animals like birds or the figurine of a wedding couple, anything that represents love. Place it at the side table of your bed and it will help to enhance your relationship.



Subject: Question on feng shui please


I read your article at Feng Shui connection and I am just an average person living in the U.S. who has gotten into Feng Shui this last year with good results. I wonder if you might help me with a small question. I cannot seem to get an answer from anywhere and my spouse is disabled so I try to be very careful in what I am doing in terms of feng shui.

I have read good things about using five element pagodas in rooms that have the #2, 3 and 5 stars but I also have read about salt water cures (using the six Chinese coins etc.) so I am wondering.... do they do the same thing or are they different for some reason? Can you do both? I am so confused about this. Obviously the salt water cure is less expensive then investing in five element pagodas but I am willing to do that if that is the right thing to do for the afflicted rooms.

Please help....I would sincerely appreciate it! Thanks....

Renee Serrano

in Maine, USA

Hi Renee,

The salt water cure from my own experience, works better than the five-element pagoda in some instances. The only problem with it is that it gets messy after sometime and you need to change it. In fact, many Hong Kong Masters uses the salt water cure and with good results.

Actually, you can also use the 6 coins method to cure 2, 3 and 5. If you cannot find i-ching coins in the US, you can try using coins that are gold in colour in any currency and hang them at the direction where 2, 3 and 5 comes in. In Singapore, the local $1 coin is a common fengshui remedy as it is gold in colour and has the shape of a ba gua. Do both the 6 coins method and the salt water cure for added security if you are worried either one is not strong enough. Both are methods that are not costly to set-up.

Good Luck.




Dear Sir,

I had just switched to a new job and started since early Jan'08. I am concern about my job stability as I am still under probation for 6 months. Kindly recommend the best & affordable fengshui object to place on my office desk to help my career progress smoothly and avoid any villains (xiao ren) from back-stabbing me or obstruct my life.

I had a very unstable career since 2003 due to retrenchment. Thereafter, I changed many jobs until recently I got my desired job. My job performance is vital during these 6 months as my superior is assessing me. I want to impress my superior and get along well with my colleagues so that my career is smooth sailing. Please advise me. I had a new colleague who joined this co on the same day as me. On his 2nd day, he placed a green plant on his desk. I guess that it has something to do with career enhancement (geomancy matter). Should I follow him? I do not want to make my desk look like a mini museum and attract many attentions and create unnecessary commotion.

I need something that is small, nice and 100% effective. It must be affordable too. Where should I get it in Singapore?

Awaiting your reply. Thank you so much.

Best Regards


Hi Richard,

Thank you for your email. In Fengshui, frankly, there's never a 100% guaranteed solution that any Practitioner can promised you thus I hope you can understand this. Your total destiny is made up of your destiny luck (calculated using Ba Zi or Ziwei), fengshui and most importantly human actions. If a person is going through a bad patch in their destiny, good fengshui can help to reduce the negative effects but it may not totally eliminate their problems.

You can use the dragon tortoise to garner support from your superiors and the rooster to counter office politics and villains. You can refer to our article on the website for more information about proper placement procedures and cleansing before using the products. These products are available at low costs locally along shops in Waterloo Street or Chinatown.

Good luck and I wish you all the best in your career!


Jenny Ng

Subject: Kitchen in NW

Hi Jenny,

I read from the web that NW is not so good this year (2008). But my kitchen happened to be there, and I need to cook for my children. What should I do? Please help.



Hi Jaz,

In the first place, with the kitchen located at the Northwest of your apartment, you are already facing the 'Fire at Heaven's Gate affliction'. Does your husband have issues in his career and various other aspects of his life?

The illness star 2 black will occupy the Northwest this year. As the kitchen is a sector where fire is strong, it also enhances the illness star 2 since it is an earth star (fire produces earth).

You can use metal related items to cure the sector. Stick 6 coins under your stove. You can use wither i-ching coins or the Singapore $1 coin with the merlion side facing outwards. All these can help reduce the impact but not eliminate the problem entirely. If you can, try to cook less in the kitchen for this year.

Good luck!



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