Course Title: Practical Ba Zi Reading Techniques for Management

Who Should Attend: Business Owners, Directors, Managers, Head of Departments, Change Managers, Counselors, Consultants, Human Resource Professionals and Teachers/Trainers

Duration: 1 Day, 10am to 5pm (usually on weekends)

A Certificate of Participation will be awarded to each participant after the course.


Ba Zi or Four Pillars of Destiny is an ancient Chinese tool that has been traditionally used to read a person's total luck and fortune and is capable of predicting events for that individual and their rise and fall from the point of birth to the end. Unknown to most, in ancient times, this tool has also been used to select officials for Imperial positions. The high level of accuracy and secrecy allows one to analyze the information subtly while getting the full information required for their decision-making.

In modern times, many companies in Hong Kong and Taiwan deploy this tool for their recruitment and selection decisions. Candidates can cheat in personality tests or give preferred answers, which reduces the accuracy of the tests. Ba Zi however, cannot be cheated and you are able to tell everything you want about that person once you open up their charts. This course will unlock the code for you so that you are able to use this tool as a complementary system to your current analysis techniques. Knowing this tool also helps to improve your communication with people around you and allows you to build teams that will help to improve communication and hence better team performance. This is a highly practical programme in which case studies will be used extensively to help you understand the system better.

Course Objectives:

Understand the basic character of a person and hence help to determine job fit for better job allocation and posting

Identify hidden traits and attitudes of a person that cannot be easily disclosed through personality tests

Determine strengths and weakness of every individual for better communication and thus determine the right management approach

Determine the learning pace of every individual and hence design a better learning system that suits their pace

Determine the priority in one's destiny chart and hence design a reward system suitable for that individual

Understand the combinations and clashes of one's destiny chart to help determine compatibility and hence build better teams that will produce better results and productivity for the organization

Identify special characteristics of some charts that will assist in making better management decisions

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Testimonials from Our Students:

"Metaphysics is not an easy subject to understand by most people, especially for a scientific minded person. However, Master Jenny has made the course in an easy and effective way for attendees to relate and understand. The course is well structured, fun and easily relate to our daily life for better insight of how metaphysic can be applied to management and people. Never did I expect metaphysics to be conducted in such a scientific way. A brand new perspective to understand people management."

Dr Lim Khee Hiang (PhD)
Training & Development

"The course that we went on Saturday was very informative and fun. Love your teaching style, straightforward and easy to understand. It was an insight but I believe there's still so much more to learn. Please keep us in the loop on your face reading course!"

Jacquline Chen
Banking & Finance

"I attended the course on 21 May this year. I was very inspired by Jenny's teaching method and notes. I tried to apply them immediately in my line of work with impressive results. I have tried them on people who I have known my whole life.
I will definitely recommend her courses and attend future courses that she organizes. She has been someone I often see for fortune telling and the yearly analysis..definitely good value for money!"

Valerie Xu

"Attending Fengshui Connection's course on bazi was worth every single cent.Straight away, I was able to make good judgments on prospective candidates and select the right choices... Now, I got a good team that works hard, gel well together and achieves results."

Mr Ng
Business Owner

"This course is really insightful and will definitely help the recruiter access suitability of a candidate for the job, in terms of his/her strengths and weaknesses, motivating factors and possible dynamics with existing team members. Jenny is professional but managed to make the session interactive and fun. She willingly shares her knowledge beyond the scope of the course and highlights pitfalls to look out for during ba zi analysis. Highly recommended for Human Resource Personnel and Department Managers ..."

Ms LC Ng
Department Manager

"Jenny is generous in sharing her knowledge and experience. It is a good starting point for those who want to explore into bazi or fengshui. Her bilingualism also enables students like me who are weak in reading Chinese characters to understand the Chinese metaphysics much easier. I will definitely refer my friends who are interested in the course or fengshui services to her."

Ms Cheong

"Master Jenny is a fun and lively facilitator. She was able to use simple terms, relate with real life examples; and that expedited my learning of the basic tenets of BaZi and decipher the Day Master of a BaZi chart, the Four Seasons and one's Favorable Element. I am better equipped now in my hiring and selection, as I believe this is one of the tools I can apply to understand the character and personality model; discover and utilise hidden talents as well as optimising one's performance."

Ms Teo
Human Resources Manager

"For someone like me who is totally new to the concept of Ba Zi Reading and interpretation, it was a very informative and practical course for me. I mean what can be more important in Life than to know more about your strength and weakness. If things can be done to maximize the opportunities and avoid potential hazards, one should pursue it diligently and spare no efforts. I have always a wide variety of interests and I would say this Ba Zi course is a very good starter. I have identified this as one of my key interests to understand more on Ba Zi and its application not only on myself but on other potentials. Of course, I am still very new in this, I would definitely like to learn more from you and the more experienced people in the course in future."

Mr Daniel Tien